Whatever's important, do that.

Some major randomness from our year so far. Just me, my family, and my outdated Canon Rebel. It's not fancy, but it fits in my purse. I tell all parents to take as many photos as possible. Document life, even the small moments. Even the imperfect moments. I've got a ton a blurry, non smiling, running away, hand covering the lens photos. They're not perfect, but they hold so much character. I promise, it'll be good, it'll be worth it, and it'll be cherished down the line. DSLR or phone camera, whatevs, just shoot. ;)

In February we visited the Georgia Aquarium and saw whale sharks. My kids were over the moon! On the drive home we stopped in Orlando for a couple days and got the chance to get on the Orlando Eye. It was a gorgeous view of the city at sunset. 

Disney's Boardwalk Inn. Pretty sure I was born in the wrong era.

Heritage Village

When my husband let the girls put make-up on him at our daughter's birthday sleepover.


Bedtime bible stories.

John's Pass. Yep, that's a real tortoise.


A little throw back to February. Yes, February. I mentioned previously that Summer was my chance to catch up on some personal photos, and I came across these gems a few weeks ago. Like most photographers, personal photos are taken (we promise we document our real lives too. ;) ), upload them into our computers, and then they're left there. Oops! This past February, my husband and I made our way to the East Coast of Florida for the most memorable engagement session. You can see the full post HERE. We decided to make a day of it and explore a bit of the area beforehand. Our day started at the European Village, and guys, it was like stepping into Italy. Lucky for us, we went on a day their Saturday Morning market was going on. You know me and morning markets. <3  We ended our time here with a stop at one of the restaurants for lunch. All the outdoor seating was a fantastic way to people watch! I'm very tempted to Airbnb one of these villas with a balcony view one day.

 If you're ever in Palm Coast, FL, make a quick trip to Washington Oaks Garden State Park. I promise you won't regret it. This epic tree is the main attraction for this garden and it's estimated to be 200-300 years old. You can see a wider shot of this tree in the engagement session I linked above. 

Why, hello. 

Directly across from the gardens is a beach access. What makes this beach unique are all the rocks that have formed along the shoreline. Such a gorgeous view and I'm antsy to return as soon as I can. 

'Til next time Palm Coast!


My 'baby' brother turns 16 today!!!! I could seriously cry, but my brother will just make this affectionate moment awkwardly uncomfortable in a matter of seconds. I can't guarantee the holding back of tears during his graduation or wedding though, but I'll contain myself for right now.

Thank you for always hanging out at my house, eating all my food, and relentlessly teasing me. I know it translates into you loving me back. ;) I'll soak all this in and take what ever time I can have with you, because soon, you'll be leaving home, going to college, and taking on the world. Here are some random photos from the past 2 years in honor of you. Love you brother bear + happy 16th birthday. 

This is my life with him. Constant photobombing. lol