You know what I love most about second shooting? It allows me to document a wedding day from a completely different perspective and learn from other photographers. We all have different approaches to a wedding day and there is no 'one' way or 'right' way of doing things. Thanks to the belief of keeping an open mind and finding new ways to create the best client experience, my approach has evolved over the past few years both in person and behind the computer. One that suits my clients and myself. A friend once suggested to me 'the grocery store method': grab what you need, leave the rest. We don't go into the grocery store and buy the entire store, right? Except when Publix has BOGO...Oh, and then there's Target...but that's a whole other story! ;) My point? Learn as much as you can and expose yourself to all different methods, but take what you need and leave the rest. 

Below are a few favs from a wedding I second shot with Angel He Photography. My time with her is always valuable. Enjoy friends...


This past weekend I sat across the table, sipping coffee, w/ 2 of the sweetest women. One I newly met, and one I'm grateful to call a friend. I'm counting my blessings. There is so much power being able to lay a hand of each other's shoulder and simply utter the words...you're not alone. I got ya. 

We explored DI Coffee Bar in Tampa and took a brief walk through Downtown Davis Island and below are a few favorites. P.S. Can the person who decorated DI Coffee bar please come to my house??? I may or may not have considered whether all the furniture would fit through the doors and into my tiny car. ;) Enjoy!


When it comes to choosing a location for an engagement session, I usually toss this responsibility over to my couples. Why? Because I want my couples to choose a location that's a reflection of who they are, their relationship, and their overall style. Maybe it's a location that's sentimental and holds a story behind it: A first date, first kiss, where they met. Maybe it's a place they spend most of their time together. Maybe it's in the comfort of their own home. Whatever it is, it should be authentically them. Of course if my couples need more guidance, I'm right there. However, I want these sessions to be all about them and less about me, so I always, always encourage my couples to consider the following as they brainstorm for a location:

1. They should feel at home.

2. They should be able to freely express affection and emotion. 

3. They should feel at full liberty to have FUN. 

4. They should feel like the location truly represents their overall style + aesthetics.

5. And for my ladies, they should feel beautiful. 

If you're planning an engagement session, I hope these little tidbits help you along the way. ;) -Much love, Elaine.