Connor took some time off during college and jetted off to Germany. During that time, it gave him a lot of clarity to whom he'd want to share his future and adventures with. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and he knew exactly who his heart belonged to. His heart guided him right back to Kaley. They've been in the same circle of friends since the 6th grade, but the stars never did quite align for them until their early college years. However, all that time helped them develop a sweet friendship that really poured into the foundation of their (now) relationship.

In their time off you can find them gaming together, getting lost in the world of classic literature, or spending time at the orchestra. All the things that make up who they are will be represented on their wedding day, and I can't wait for their October nuptials. Below are a few favorites from their Hollis Gardens engagement session. Enjoy!