She just happen to be available. Among the group of friends he texted, she was the only one who was free to grab a quick meal. Alex + Angela never spent alone time together before, but quickly realized how much they enjoyed each other's company and discovered an undeniable connection. That one meal morphed into many more, and it eventually led them here....exchanging vows on a beautiful Fall day under a 250 year old oak tree. They surrounded themselves with their best people, and spent the day in laughter, tears, dancing, and desserts. Should I mention that Angela is a pastry chef? A bride after my own heart, guys. ;) Below are a few favorites from their wedding. Friends, you won't even believe me, but I promise I'm telling you the truth when I say...this wedding was DIY. Alex + Angela's family pitched in and created the most stunning details.

Alex + Angela--thank you for being the most laid back people I know. Thank you for entrusting me to tell your story through photographs. Soak in all the moments and enjoy this new journey. -Much love, Elaine.



Ceremony | Sunken Gardens

Reception & Catering | The Rusty Pelican

Hair | Katerina Shishkin

DJ + Live Music | Joe Farren


Ending things on this sweet, twinkling, magical image. All words that described their night.