He sent Alexa for a walk through the park. With each turn, there waited a family member with a video of Blake at a location significant to their relationship. From the elementary school where they met, to the space where they spend most of their free time, and all the places in between. Tears, at each and every stop. This progression eventually led her to a long boardwalk lined with candles and roses. At the very end waiting was Blake—sunset behind him, ring in hand, ready to ask Alexa to spend the rest of their lives living out this wild love story God has written for them. Obviously, she said yes.  

These two give me all the warm fuzzies feelings, guys. They exude so much joy, which is profoundly evident in their photos. We recreated bits and pieces of their first date—beach at sunset, blanket, Blake serenading Alexa with his guitar….you know, basic first date stuff. ;) The light, these two beautiful souls, and everything about this evening was absolute perfection. Their Fort De Soto engagement session is one for the books and below are some favorites. Enjoy!