It was Brittany's birthday, and she was surrounded by all the people who cared and loved her deeply. The whole afternoon was spent on the water, celebrating the beautiful 22 years she has lived thus far. Being that Brittany is a Kindergarten teacher, David gifted her a custom-made storybook filled with photos, memories, and milestones. As she read out loud to every one--just as she would in the classroom ;)--the book concluded with her newest & most cherished adventure yet....David. The final pages read, "Now they’re finally together as happy as can be, but one thing still remained.....so he looked at her and asked…..Will You Marry Me?". Right then, with ring in hand, David asked Brittany to spend forever by his side. 

They'll be tying the knot in Ocala within a few short months, and I can't wait to be surrounded by their people celebrating their love. It's going to be epic. In the meantime, below are a few favorites from their Eagle Lake Park Engagement session. Enjoy!