Boy meets girl, they get caught in the rain on their first date, they maintain a long distance relationship, girl gets ready to jet off to Mexico for 6 weeks, boy shows up at her doorstep—as she's literally about to leave—and proposes. All the makings of a romantic movie minus the running through an airport scene. This story, though, is just a few details from Hal and Rebekah's real life love story. Like any good movie, I'm getting sucked in and excited to see how the rest of the story unfolds. Their wedding this Spring, on Singer Island, is only the beginning of this beautiful, grand adventure they're on.  

We explored the Disney Yacht Resort and Boardwalk on the coldest day this Winter had to offer us Floridians. These two were such troopers to endure the wind + cold with me! Here are a few favorites from their session. Enjoy!  

These amazing guests with these Mr. + Mrs balloons just happened to walk by as we were shooting, and insisted we use them. Disney magic, y'all. <3 

This ring belongs to Hal's grandmother. Holy gorgeous, right? Family heirlooms for the win! 

A quick change and we headed over to the Boardwalk to wrap up the session. You wouldn't know it, but it was really, really cold since the sun was starting to set. But these two...absolutely nailed it. <3