Whatever's important, do that.

Some major randomness from our year so far. Just me, my family, and my outdated Canon Rebel. It's not fancy, but it fits in my purse. I tell all parents to take as many photos as possible. Document life, even the small moments. Even the imperfect moments. I've got a ton a blurry, non smiling, running away, hand covering the lens photos. They're not perfect, but they hold so much character. I promise, it'll be good, it'll be worth it, and it'll be cherished down the line. DSLR or phone camera, whatevs, just shoot. ;)

In February we visited the Georgia Aquarium and saw whale sharks. My kids were over the moon! On the drive home we stopped in Orlando for a couple days and got the chance to get on the Orlando Eye. It was a gorgeous view of the city at sunset. 

Disney's Boardwalk Inn. Pretty sure I was born in the wrong era.

Heritage Village

When my husband let the girls put make-up on him at our daughter's birthday sleepover.


Bedtime bible stories.

John's Pass. Yep, that's a real tortoise.