This family. Honestly, there's not much I can say other than they have all my love and admiration. I adore them to pieces. Michelle and I, over the past 8 years or so, have developed such a deep friendship. Who would have thought that what brought us together was the love for photography. Over the years, our messages and emails turned from photography related to life and marriage, to motherhood, to our faith, and to health. We celebrated life together during the great times, and spoke encouragement in seasons of grief. We've learned A LOT from each other. It's truly special when someone allows you to walk that closely to them in life. So when she said she wanted some maternity photos to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their little girl--at sun rise time on the beach--you pick up your camera and you go! Duh. ;) Below are some favorites. <3 Enjoy!

Bullseye from Toy Story!! <3 

Their Noah. <3 

Isn't she a beauty?? 

Most people know that I host a local online community for female photographers. What most people don't know, is that my friendship with Michelle was the inspiration behind it all. The idea started from a vulnerable place. I felt alone in my endeavors of running a business, learning my craft, being a mom, a wife, and whatever life threw at me. After taking a step back and noticing all the correspondence between Michelle and I, I thought, gee....if only we had a group of gals that were photographers who came together to be a community of support and encouragement to one another like Michelle and I. We can talk "shop", life, motherhood, school, faith, work-life balance, whoever we are and whatever life threw at us. With MUCH pushing from my husband and Michelle, I had the courage to private message several local female photographers and the rest is history. She also drove 5 hours to attend my very first meet-up. So when I say she's a valuable friend, I really mean it.

Ending with sweet kisses in a stairway we found on our way back to the car.