I realized that there are a lot of personal photos I have yet to touch, let alone edit and blog. Now that things are slowing up a bit, I'm taking some time to go through them. This Summer, I'm aiming to have more of "us" on the blog. 

If I'm being completely honest; I'm not a beach person. Well, let me rephrase...I'm a conditional beach person. While most Floridians find the sun, sand, and salt water a necessity and a lifeline, I steer clear as much as possible but mainly in the Summer. The only time I actually make it to the beach--for pleasure--is during late Fall through Early Spring. Usually during sunset and there has to be a cool breeze. The water is colder, so there are barely any swimmers, and the beach is rarely crowded. It makes me feel like I have the beach all to myself. It's so serene and the repetitive crashes of the waves soothes my soul. If it's a cloudy day, gahhh, even better. Yes, I'm a girl who likes overcast days at the beach and I live in the sunshine state. Weird, I know. I make a terrible Floridian. 

These images were dug up from late last year. Yep, I know, we're half way into 2016. This is when both my kids had longer hair. Although these were only taken 8 months ago, they look a bit more baby faced here. Amazing how much can change in just a short period of time. <3

Sunset colors <3 

We almost always have my brother with us. I'm his favorite even though he doesn't verbally admit it. ;)