The moment I met this girl I just loved with her. I knew that any man she’d choose to spend the rest of her life with would have to be someone special. Tyler is that guy. Their love story began in church working side by side at various events. Their friendship deepened and over time grew into something so much more; a love that is deep rooted in Christ and continually points back to Him. A love that is beyond anything they could've ever dreamt of. 

When proposal time came, Tyler knew he had to enlist the help of her family and closest friends. They all knew it would take a major team effort to pull one over on Abby because girlfriend has a sixth sense when it comes to surprises; especially if it’s wedding related. With candles and rose petals lining the aisles that led Abby to Tyler, and with family and friends witnessing from the balcony above—in the very church they both grew up in, where their friendship blossomed, and where their love began—Tyler got down on one knee and asked Abby to marry him. There’s a whole video, and no matter how many times I watch it, I still boo hoo/ugly cry through it all. I have a feeling their wedding day is going to wreck me and everyone else who will be present. 

Below are a few favorites from their Downtown Dunedin engagement session. Enjoy!

These two images below have so much meaning to them. To most, it’s a ring & banner photo. Almost as if Pinterest came to real life—yes, these two are THAT perfect. But these two images side by side hold so much sentimental value to Abby for several reasons: the diamond—it’s from the original engagement ring her father gave to her mother when he proposed. The setting—thoughtfully chosen by Tyler. The date 02.03.17—Abby’s late grandfather's birthday and the day they will be tying the knot. It was her way of honoring all the men she has ever loved in her life; her dad, her Papa, and her future husband. Cue, tears. All the tears. Guys....these are the kind of stories I live for. <3 

A quick change for the second half of their session. 

Abby—YOU. ARE. STUNNING. PERIOD. And that hat??? Gah. All the heart eyes. 

I'm going to end on this sweet photo. It's probably my most favorite. They bring each other so much joy and witnessing the way they love each other brings me great joy. I mean, don't they just melt your heart?