He enlisted some of their closest friends to lead her on a bit of a hunt. First, the place where they met. Then, to the place where he asked her to be his girlfriend. Next, where she said she loved him for the first time. See a pattern? Each place he sent her, was a significant piece to the grand puzzle that was their relationship. And at each location, a friend waited with a video from Michael standing in the exact location retelling the memories that each place held. Bit by bit, piece by piece, their love story led her to Clearwater Beach where she was surrounded and serenaded by friends. Michael snuck up behind her, dropped to one knee and asked for forever with her. Celebration erupted not only from their group, but from neighboring beach goers as well. It was a day to remember.

The only words I can use to describe these two are abounding joy. There was no shortage of it during their session. They bring out the absolute best in each other, and it's all so evident in the way they love. These two are tying the knot this Sunday! Yep, you read right! They've been planning their wedding while out of state and I'm so grateful the skies parted that day and we were able to squeeze their session in. I can't wait for the wedding!!! But for now, enjoy their University of Tampa engagement session!

When a couple is not afraid to dance like no one is watching. <3

I love me a timeless solitaire!

We briefly slipped over to The Oxford Exchange for a few photos before calling it a night. I mean, how sweet are these?