She always had a passion for cars and was never afraid of getting her hands dirty or grease under her finger nails. So naturally, she decided to pursue studies in Automotive Mechanics. She walked into her first day of class nervous knowing she’d probably be the only female there. As seats started filing up, she made her way to the only available one in the room. Coincidently, it just happen to be right next to Erik. Erik took notice of Annah and as they came to know each other over time, they found themselves smitten by one another. Who would’ve thought that experience would lead them to a memorable Christmas proposal in 2014, and plans for a garden wedding in 2017? It was only fitting that their engagement session included her grandpa’s classic car; a sweet interpretation of how they met and who they are together. 

Erik + Annah—your February wedding at Sunken Gardens couldn’t come any sooner! I can’t wait to fill my day photographing and celebrating your love. -xoxo, Elaine <3

I'm seriously IN LOVE w/ these classic car photos!

A quick outfit change and we continued with the second portion of their session. 

Only he can make her light up like this. 

Annah, you're gorgeous. 

I'm going to end here, because it perfectly showcases what their entire session looked like--all the laughter and the sweetest kisses.